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Teachers are the life line of an educational institution. They play a very significant role in imparting education to students. Like other stake holders, they too have professional

obligations to follow a certain code of conduct laid down by the University Grants Commission and the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. Teachers

of this college also are subject to guidelines prescribed by the UGC for college teachers. He/she has obligation to conduct himself/herself to adopt accordingly the guidelines

of the profession. Every teacher has to ensure that there must not be any incompatibility between what is actually done or professed to be done.

The code of conduct for teachers of this institution is as follows:

  • A teachers should be dedicated and committed to his teaching profession.
  • A teacher’s role is not confined to his classrooms only but beyond it to guide them in their real-life situation as much as possible.
  • A teacher’s basic responsibilities lie in developing an academic environment.
  • A teacher should always encourage and inspire students to generate more and more interest in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Being the academic head of the college, the principal is supposed to uphold the ethos of inclusiveness in imparting and disseminating education.
  • A student should be encouraged to express his/her point of view on any subject of discussion, though it may be different from that of a teacher.
  • A teacher should believe in the principle of equality. He should have feeling of equal treatment for all students, irrespective of class, caste, creed and religion.
  • A teachers should be innovative and research-oriented which is essential for his/her professional development and academic pursuit.
  • A teacher should always respect students’ positive mindset.
  • A teacher should always remain update with the recent changing global scenario and new teaching methodology to upgrade his students simultaneously.
  • A teacher should instill a scientific and democratic outlook among his students, developing a sense of selfless service to the needy and social responsibility.
  • A teacher must maintain ethical behavior in academic career.
  • The aim of teacher should be to improve the quality of his work. He should take quality as a habit, not an act.
  • In addition to teaching and research activities, he should necessarily be a part of extension activities and extra-curricular programmes as they promote all-inclusive development of students and help buildings a bond of good will and mutual understanding with student community.
  • The teachers should not involve in a private practice/coaching which is not permitted.
  • The teacher should always take care to respect the spirit of confidentiality in all respects unless it is a legal obligation.
  • The teacher must maintain academic integrity at all cost which can not be compromised in any case. Plagiarism cannot be accepted.
  • Teachers should discharge their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the prescribed guidelines by the higher authorities.
  • Teachers are supposed to be respectful and co-operative towards there his colleagues sharing their responsibilities in a supporting manner.
  • Teachers should refrain from doing anything unwanted which may vitiate the sanctity and sanctorum of the institution.
  • Teachers should not indulge in baseless allegation against their colleagues as it spoils the whole academic environment.
  • Teachers’ behavior towards his non-teaching faculty should be equally respectful and dignified. Respect is always commanded; it is never demanded.
  • Joint meetings of the staff should be held before coming to a final decision in relation to college matters.