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All non-teaching faculty and support staff also should follow the code of conduct prescribed by the State Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. The following code of conduct is laid down
by institution for non-teaching and support staff.

  • The non-teaching and support staff should have the knowledge of college policy and follow it strictly.
  • They should go on leave with prior permission of the head of the institution.
  • They should not undertake any other job while in service.
  • They should not associate themselves with any political party or such activities.
  • They have to respect the confidentiality of college matters.
  • A student should be encouraged to express his/her point of view on any subject of discussion, though it may be different from that of a teacher.
  • They should be responsible for proper use and maintenance of college assets.
  • The college is a no smoking zone. No member of the staff should be under the influence of drug/alcoholic drinks. It is a punishable act.
  • There should be no case of discrimination on their part, on the basis of gender, caste or religion, etc.
  • The staff should behave with students in a gentle manner and patiently as there is a frequent interaction with students on daily basis.