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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

Course: Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Duration of Course:  3 Years (Three)

This course is offered in many disciplines to train candidates in a particular field. The degree provides the students with a wide range of managerial skills and competence in a particular area of commerce.

A student holding a degree is well prepared to sustain as a corporate employee or as an entrepreneur. The student has adequate knowledge of adapting to the changes in the flexible business world. students have good understanding of how the financial aspects of a business need to be managed. They can explore numerous career options after obtaining the degree. The curriculum of includes (plain), (computer application), (taxation) and (honours). Under this course wide range of business as well as managerial skills are provided to the students and their understanding in various subjects of commerce like accounting, taxation, auditing, banking, management and insurance.

It’s time to face the competitive world. Everyone aims at choosing a career option that offers them job opportunities. Keeping the same in mind today many students are selecting commerce as a career option.

 B.Com (Tax)

B.Com. in taxation degree course helps the students for a professional qualification in taxation and accounting to provide a solid base in the field of accounting, finance and taxation. It is a three year undergraduate degree course. The students are exposed to details of income tax and goods and service tax. This course makes one qualify to work in accounts and finance bureaus of different firms and organizations, banks, government division and offices.

B.Com (Plain)

Bachelor of Commerce (plain) is a three year undergraduate degree course. It comprises of the challenges and financial issues that comes in way of organizations in the market place or economy. This course enables them to resolve the economic issue of the market. The degree equips the students with knowledge of accounting principles, economic policies and other aspects that has an impact on the trade and business. Students are competent to get immense opportunities in sectors related to financial services, banking and government services.

B.Com (Computer Application)

This course is designed to import advanced learning to student with specialization in computer application. It is a three year undergraduate degree course.  The course follows an innovative modern curriculum, particularly involving the application of software technology for professional requirement. They can be employed for positions such as auditor, computer operator, mobile application developer, budget analyst, finance manager etc. They can find job opportunities in variety of environment such as in university, research, private and public industries, government departments, business organization and commercial organizations. 

B.Com (Honours)

Bachelor of Commerce Honours ( Hons) is an undergraduate three year degree course that focuses on the systematic study of the concepts of accountancy, statistics, finance, banking law, marketing etc. Through advance study of general subjects, the programme helps to build the competent business skills of the students. Later they can specialise in chosen field or area. It enables them to grab the knowledge of subjects. This degree prepares a graduate for a wide variety of careers dealing with the flow of money, from accountant to investment banker, money manager to personal finance consultant and also one can look for a career in banking, finance ,auditing, or accountancy , in both the government as well as private sector.