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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree course is the systematic study of science which is designed to develop graduates with the key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge . The candidates aiming to enrich their career with sound technical skills & efficiency choose Bachelor of Science as their career option. It is a three year undergraduate degree course which is offered in many different disciplines to train candidates in a particular field such as B. Sc. (plain) , B. Sc. (Computer Application)  , B. Sc. (Computer Science) etc.

With the advancements in the area of science & technology, this programme has become one of the highly studied degree course in the institutions.

After completion of degree there are various options available such as to go in a research area, one can even look for professional job oriented courses & the students are recruited directly by big MNC’S. Those who opt for this course will have the opportunity to find good jobs in both public and private sectors.

Faculties :

Prof. Amit Pathak

Prof. Pradeep Sharma

Prof. L. N. Pandey