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Bachelor of Science in Computer Application


1.1 B.Sc Programme Objectives

The course B.Sc helps in making a candidate proficient in concepts related to science maths physics. Pursuing higher studies after graduating in B.Sc will improve the career prospects of a candidate. The course prepares a student both for entrepreneurship as well as the corporate world. One can also opt for jobs in government sectors, private organizations, or become an entrepreneur. They can pursue their higher education by opting for Postgraduate degrees like M.Sc and M.CA or go in for professional courses to brighten their career prospects.

1.2 Duration of the Programme

Minimum: 3 Years,

Maximum:. 04 Years

1.3 Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English & Hindi. The course material is also in English an d hindi both. However, necessary support will be provided to students coming from vernacular language medium during high school studies.

1.4 Credit System

The College follows a unique ‘Credit System’ for its programmes. Each credit is worth 30 hours of student study time, comprising all the learning activities. Thus, a three-credit course involves 90 study hours. This helps the student to understand the academic effort one has to put into successfully completing a course. Completion of the programme requires timely submission of both assignments and the Term End Examination of each course in the programme.

1.5 B.Sc. Programme Structure

The programme has been spread over three years. Consequently, there will be one half yearly (internal) one final (annual) university examination every year. The students must appear for both the examinations as per academic calendar/schedule announced by the College/ University. Student may ensure that she/he paid the requisite fee as well as fulfils other requirements such as prescribed minimum attendance etc. before appearing in the term end examinations. The result may be withheld or may be cancelled in case it is found that the student’s registration to the course is invalid or did not register. The following is the programme structure of B.Sc .

Faculties :

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