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Dr. Shivangi Dwivedi

Dr. Shivangi Dwivedi

Assistant Professor

I am working as Assistant Professor (Tax Procedure & Tax Practises) at Gyan Ganga College of Excellence.

Has 4 Years of teaching experience at Govt. Mahkaushal College as a Faculty of Commerce & Management.

I have worked with L.I.C of India for a year.

I am the First Researcher of Madhya Pradesh from the facukty of Commerce to research on "Bamboo based Industries"


National Seminar, Best Research Paper "Effect of Urban Development on Indian Environment". International Seminar-Best Research Paper "Wate Management".


International Journal- IJTRD,"Social Media Marketing".

International Confrence-"Green Management"

International Confrence- "Role of Bamboo Based Products in Poverty Alleviation".

National Journals- South Asian "Bamboo as Green Gold in Industrialisation: Special Refrence to Madhya Pradesh".

National Journal- Inspira- "Green Management throgh Bamboo": An Overview".

National Journal-Swadeshi Reseach- "Role of Bamboo in the Economic Development of Madhya pradesh".


Doctrate in Philosphy from the Faculty of Commerce.

Master In Bussiness Administration, in the yearb 2011 from Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences.

Bachelor in Commerce, in the year 2009, from Mata Gujri Women's College.